Ideal time is to spend from 7 to 21 days. Where the days between day 3 to 19 are selected to fit your stay.

Adjustments can be made to fit your interests and time available.

Popular Itinerary for 6 nights / 7 days

Day 1 – Iquitos*, Peru

  • Arrive in Iquitos airport in early morning and ride with Abencio to your Hostel, such as El Colibri.
  • Tour popular historical sites.
  • Lunch near the River at Dawn on Amazon, La Noche or Yellow Rose of Texas.
  • See Barrio Belen.
  • Return to your Hostel.
  • Go to dinner at Dawn on Amazon, La Noche Restaurant or Yellow Rose of Texas.

* All entertainment, housing and food in Iquitos are discretionary, with an additional cost, with the exception of  transportation by Abencio’s motokar.

Day 2 – Scenic Voyage to Nuevo Jerusalen Village

There three popular ways of getting there. The choice depends on the flood season and the interests of the guests.  Only during the flood season is the upper Tahuayo deep enough to travel from Iquitos to Nuevo Jerusalen entirely by speedboat.

1. During the normal flood season, December – May, travel by speedboat up Rio Amazonas to the small scenic town of Tamshiyacu to buy an early lunch.   Then travel up the Rio Tahuayo and stop at Buena Vista village to leave a passport copy to the guard at the entrance to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Communal Reserve.  From there proceed slowly up past Chino village and Blanco creek, then continue on up to arrive by late afternoon at Darvinia.
2. When the normal flood season is over, June – November, after lunch at Tamshiyacu port city, proceed past the mouth of Rio Tahuayo, to headwaters of Rio Amazonas at the confluence of Rio Maranon and Rio Ucayali.   Then go up Rio Ucayali to Rio Yarapa and on proceed to Jaldar village.    From Jaldar village to Nuevo Jerusalen village, under flood conditions go by canoe; and under muddy conditions go by a 20 – 30 minute hike on a trail, in time to arrive by early afternoon at Darvinia.

3. At any time of year, it is practical to travel by taxi from Iquitos city to Nauta city; then go by boat from Nauta city to Jaldar village and from Jaldar to Jerusalen by canoe December – May, and by trail June – November.  Going via Nauta is 3-4 hours shorter.

Days 3, 4, 5 – Darvinia Amazonia and Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserves

Rise by dawn for coffee and papaya. Start by sunrise at 6 exploring or fishing.  Watch many different kinds of animals, or catch several kinds of fish for lunch.  Start home by 10, when most of the wildlife, with exception of reptiles, is resting in shade.  Have lunch by 11.  Rest until mid-afternoon, while listening to nearby wildlife in the surrounding forest. Set off again at 3 in the afternoon and return before sunset at 6, in time for dinner at 7.  Retire early or request to see nocturnal wildlife by flashlight after dark.  Every day, for however many days guests stay, several different kinds of wildlife can be seen.  By special request, some nights can be spent camped at a clay-lick in pristine upland forest, to start seeing wildlife as early as sunrise.

Day 6 – Visit Nuevo Jerusalen

After a morning of exploring or fishing, swimming, lunch and rest; visit the Nuevo Jerusalen community around 3 pm, to view riverside village life and see the artistic handicrafts produced by the enterprising women.  Enjoy the remainder of the day with the usual activities, contribute suggestions to the guest book, and thank everyone for their hospitality.

 Day 7 – Iquitos, Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and Amazon Animal Orphanage, Airport

Set off early in morning for Iquitos.  Either pack a lunch or buy lunch at Tamshiyacu on the Amazon.  Arrive in Iquitos by early to mid afternoon, in time to visit the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly farm and Amazon Animal Orphanage.  Get to airport in late afternoon, in time catch the evening flight to Lima.