Overview: native expeditions


  • Experience the pristine lowland forest of the Amazon with a native community in lodging constructed by the community and managed and run by the community
  • With a personal native guide* from the Nuevo Jerusalen community, see many different kinds of plants and animals along the rivers, swamps, lakes of the vast lowland flooded forests and upland dry forests along the upper Rio Tahuayo  and its tributaries.
  • All moneys paid by the guests pays the salaries of the people of the community or the people of Iquitos who guide you in the city and take you to the Reserve
  • Catch several different kinds of fish for lunch.
  • Visit the Nuevo Jerusalen community to see and purchase if desired the native arts and crafts of the community women.
  • Rent the Uakari Cabana or Capuchin Cabana (currently in final phase of construction) at Cocha Lobos lake in Darvinia.

Darvinia Amazonia Reserve – Native Expeditions

  • 7 to 21 Days (1-3 Weeks)
    • Due to the distance from Iquitos a visit of 7 days is recommended
  • Rent Uakari Cabana (and currently under construction: Capuchin Cabana) at Cocha Lobos lake in Darvinia Reserve
  • Explore remote pristine wildlife habitats along the upper Rio Tahuayo and its tributaries: Yanayaquillo, Tahuayillo, Blanquillo, Pinal, Negrillo, Tampocillo, and Tangarana.

*Guides, self-employed village natives, are proficient in Spanish, and have Spanish/English dictionaries.