Uakari Cabana

This screened cabana is partially hidden in the virgin forest surrounding Cocha Lobos, a small pristine blackwater lake. Uakari Cabana,  accommodates 1-6 guests, is hosted by Juan Mosombite and his wife Ana. Dining area with large table and book shelves are adjacent to the kitchen facilities. A uniquely designed efficient wood burning stove, fabricated by a welder in Iquitos, is used to cook both the native and purchased food. There are 6 beds with very comfortable mattresses. An overhead bucket shower and a luggable-loo toilet are located inside the cabana. Two couches for relaxing and a study table for working complete the furnishings.

Photos include views of the cabana and some typical dishes prepared by Ana.

Click on a photo to enlarge and step through each one, one at a time.

Capuchin Cabana

This cabana is nearby and is very similar but has only 4 beds.